Jewelry Free of Plastic

Bracelets & Spinning Tops

Designed by the voice of nature.


Degradable fashion 

If you are satisfied only with the best, take a look at our latest jewelry unisex collection of bracelets. An elegant combination of gemstones and wood. The precise and minimalist design is the best way to add texture to your look.


Each part is natural

Spinning tops are one of the oldest toy known to man. It doesn’t matter if you are a child, or just young at heart. Do you need to boost creativity or focus? Maybe you want to relax and have fun. Nobody can’t stay indifferent to such as a gift.

Stop this!!!

Don’t be drastic, Say “NO” to plastic

How we are working to clean enviroment

Each LIONSPIN purchase will remove one pound of trash from our oceans, cities and forests.

I. Collect money

pig money collect smile

From every single sale, we put a part of the profit to our piggy-bank. One sale equals one pound removed trash.

II. Create jobs

announcement advice telling

Every time we reach budget equals to clean 100 pounds of trash we arrange part-time job event for everyone who wants to join us.

III. pick up

cleaning man garbage

We clean up the countryside and waste sort. Then the trash continues to local recycle factory for the new reuse.

IV. Happiness

clean beach sketch

The last step is to enjoy a great feeling from a renewed and clean place.

Instagram did not return a 200.

Become a pioneer

Share the intent in a place where you live

Join the movement, take your pledge, spread the idea by sharing and help make it bigger. Every action matters.

We love handcraft, minimalist design, and perfection

Not machines

Skip back to manual production

The essential law of our products is the fact that we create by our hands. With respect to the planet Earth, we use exclusively natural degradable materials without any plastics. Every part of the whole piece of art is made with diligence, humility, and focus on every detail.

Show even more than a lot

Our products are not just piece of fashion or toys by themselves. People who wear or carry them every day, they show much more than just their fashion style. It represents your commitment to clean our environment and to raise awareness of a need to start act now!

We are supporting to STOP dump garbage

Plastic or Planet?

We’ve made plastic things. We depend on them. Now we are drowning in them.

Humankind produces plastics

0 lb/year

Oceans swallow up

0 lb/year

Avg. working lifetime of the plastic bag

0 minutes

We recycle the only

0 % of World's plastics

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