We are not the first, and we hope we are not the last.

Sometimes the paths are unpredictable. As a stock trader, I only knew charts, numbers, bucks and lot of stress.

Everything started when I felt to create something real, the physical, use the hands… It was early morning when I woke up and got an idea about creating a small spinning top. Just for having fun at my trading sessions. After a few months, some friends of mine want to buy this top. I decided to create more of this spinning tops and try to sell them, and I was successful! I was soooo happy, then I added handmade bracelets and was so excited, that It makes people happy too.

A big change came on my round trip to Sri Lanka, where I spend a beautiful 30 days. The whole trip around the island was transcendent with one terrible experience – Plastics everywhere! Coastlines were devastated by footprints of civilization. Plastics give us a helping hand but now pollutes our land. The impact is huge! A lot of animals die by eating small parts of plastics. I was crushed!

It was breaking moment for my mind. I decided to connect my products with the idea of cleaning the environment of plastics! I give up a part of the profit and start to create cleanup efforts. This is how it all came to life.

We know, there is a lot of people, companies, and organizations, that do the same thing, we are not the first one and actually, this is a great message!

No matter who is the first, everything what is counted is the number of removed plastics.

David Dias

Instagram did not return a 200.

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