Bright Bracelets​

Rare stones and timeless woods for your decent fashion. Tell the story behind these bracelets. It describes your pledge to clean our environment, just because you love this planet.


Oceanic blue

Are you surfing or snorkeling in the sea? This Color perfectly fits for your incredible summer activities.

turquoise healing properties Bracelets
howlite bracelet healing Bracelets


Marble white

Would you like to be elegant or seeking for a noble add-on for your dress code? Now you’ve found the answer.


Casino black

No matter if you have a business meeting or plan to go to a theater. This black frozen bracelet fits to your every suit and smoking.

Onyx Bracelets , wooden box black bracelet gift wrap
lapis lazuli bracelet meaning Bracelets

Lapis Lazuli

Earthy blue

Feel the Earth in your hands. Each bead looks like our planet with different clouds. Emphasize your intention! Everyone has the Earth in their hands.

Lava Rock

Space black

Do you enjoy life in the mountains and love outdoor sports? Wild clean nature with a calm soul… This bracelet is just for your next journeys!

lava rock bracelets
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