Lava Rock Bracelet


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Lava Rock Bracelet

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YOUR PERFECT BRACELET – Our brand new Lava bracelet is perfect for any unique day of your life! We can only imagine how you would look with our minimalist healing bracelet on your wrist.
OUR QUALITY – Our bracelet is hand-crafted from natural stone and beech tree beads. All those stylish beads are strung on durable and superelastic cord.
THE IDEAL FIT – We understand how annoying can be to have a bracelet not fit correctly! So we took this case and solve it by adding extra 5 onyx beads and extra cord for you. Now you can re-string your bracelet at home with extra beads to fit right as you need!
GREAT GIFT – With our handmade wooden oak box, make a surprise someone special to you with their very own natural and charming bracelet from the Czech Republic.
PURE ENERGY – We take care of the soul of every single gemstone. This is why we clean stones over a night in a stream in Beskydy Mountains.


Out of stock


Create with Love


Oak tree


Lava Rock


100 % Biodegradable


Extra cord and Beads

Without oceans life on the Earth can not exist.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Origin of gemstone:


Origin of wood:

Czech Republic

Hand-Crafted in:​

Czech Republic

Bead diameter:

8 mm / 0.31 in

Curent size:

17 cm / 6.7 in

Max size:​

21 cm / 8.3 in

Lava Properties:

A powerful grounding stone, promoting strength, courage and stability in times of change. Excellent stress absorber, clears and purifies negativity. Helpful for calming the emotions.

*Currently fits up to 7.5 inches (19 cm) wrist, however with additional beads you can re-strung bracelet and get inner length 8.3 inches (21 cm) which fit any wrist you need.

*For all wrapping and zip bag inside the box, we use solely biodegradable zip bag meets ASTM D5511 standard for testing and proving the biodegradation of plastic materials under anaerobic landfill conditions.

There will be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050.



3 reviews for Lava Rock Bracelet

  1. Ryan92

    Very nice and well-made bracelet! I feel happy knowing it is made by hands and also degradable. Thank you!

  2. kary_hasselblad

    Super cute couple bracelets, we wear them everyday. The gift box is awesome! Did come very big but comes with replacement string so I just remade them to adjust to our wrist size. Great buy if you’re smart enough to remake them 🙂

  3. Julie McLellan

    I love this bracelet. It’s not flashy so no one ever comments on it or wants to know where I got it or what it is lol. I use the anxiety blend essential oil with it and I feel it works.

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