Spinning Top Mark2


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Spinning Top Mark2

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HANDMADE IN EUROPE – Every piece is shaped to perfection by our local craftsman in the Czech Republic.
ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF – Use our spinning tops as most of our clients do- to sharpen focus and relieve anxiety.
POCKET SIZE – You can take your spinning top everywhere with you- it is easy to carry and fits into any pocket.
LONG SPINNING TIME – Top spins up to 9 minutes on a glass surface.
OAK TREE WOODEN BOX – Transport your top with prestige in the included wooden case.


Out of stock


Create with Love


Oak tree


Brass / Stainless


100 % Biodegradable


Fits to every pocket

I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us.

Spin your way to the top

Origin of wood:

Czech Republic

Hand-Crafted in:​

Czech Republic


2,4 cm / 0.94 in


2,7 cm / 1 in

Box size:

6x6x6 cm / 2.4×2.4×2.4 in

Spinning time:

Up to 9 minutes

*For all wrapping and zip bag inside the box, we use solely biodegradable zip bag meets ASTM D5511 standard for testing and proving the biodegradation of plastic materials under anaerobic landfill conditions.

I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us.



21 reviews for Spinning Top Mark2

  1. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Patrik S
    This is an amazing pocket top, unexpected! Everything was right as advertised. I got this as a gift for a father. After several spins I reached 7 min. and 20 sec. of spinning on smooth surface. I love that look where you can see small footprints of handmade manufacturing. The oak tree box is great. As a lover of spinning tops I can really recommend this one.

  2. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Can’t beat the quality at this price
    Quality is very, very good for the price, and it spins for quite a long time. Would love to see a polished version, I’m not usually too big a fan of the brushed/machined look, but it looks good on this one so I’m still happy with it. The box is a neat touch, not essential, but great if giving it as a gift. Overall this is an A+ product.

  3. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Chris E
    Fidgeting with Style – Great Gift Idea
    Inception meets fidgeting – this metal top spinner met all of my expectations and more. Playing with it brings me back to my childhood playing with christmas toys.
    It spins for minutes on end giving my fidgeting impulses something satisfying to listen to. Its small to take on the go and reminds me of the totem prop in the movie inception.
    Gifting – it’s perfect for gifting because it comes in a handcrafted box that’s ready to be wrapped and doubles as a place to put the small top so you don’t lose it. Very thoughtful!

  4. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas
    I love this top! It spins for such a longtime and is extremely silent. Perfect stocking stuffer for those at a desk. I was shocked to find out they are hand made and the craftsmen box it comes in really ads class to this product.

  5. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Fun Spinner!
    Fun spinner! I spin it for fun at work, and it really does keep spinning for a few minutes. I am buying one for my son as well, I am sure he will love it.

  6. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Robert A. Muenchen
    Extreme Precision
    The machining on this top is very precise. If a person walks up while it’s spinning they don’t even think it’s moving. It’s easy to get it to go 5 minutes & my record so far is 7.5. Amazon said people also tended to order a 75 mm concave lens with it as a spin surface, and I did. However, I instead recommend getting a much larger surface such as a magnifying mirror, especially if you’re using it with kids. It’s hard at first to get a really fast spin on such a small surface.

    The box is very nice as well. If given as a gift, the box adds to the surprise and an overall feel of extremely high quality.

  7. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    High quality product, feels great and spins so long!
    Great product…it has a nice weight and feel to it and spins a long time. Put next to an aluminum top brand to compare spinning time and this little top lasted several minutes longer. The oak box it comes in adds a feeling of class when giving it as a gift. Price is great. Can’t go wrong with this purchase. I think once the word gets out this top will become a best seller.

  8. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Easy to spin top that works well
    Very easy to spin and spins for quite a long time.

  9. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Banged up and damaged!!!
    Item arrived extremely banged up and scratched like it had been used for a long time and then repackaged and sold as new.

  10. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Picky Customer
    nice weight, good grip, spins smothly for a long time
    Amazing – I’ve tried a few tops on amazon. This one stands out – using an inexpensive concave lens as a base, it spins for >5min. I like the grip and there is no comparison with cheaper inception style tops, which IMO do not work well.

  11. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Received this after spinning a few times I looked closely …
    Received this after spinning a few times I looked closely at it and found very tiny bits of a very sticky substance on the top, bottom and side of the ring. Lucky I had a degreaser and cleaned for 15 minutes to remove these. Also although very tiny there are scratches all over. Spins ok though

  12. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Alex Riener
    Well made and good looking too
    On a smooth metal surface, it spun for 10+ minutes. Well made and good looking too, somewhat small, but more compact.

  13. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Good Spin, Horrible Appearance
    This top is a great spinner. It spins for a long time, easily over 3 minutes with a medium-fast spin. Unfortunately, attention to detail is horrible. Top looks used- very used. It is covered in grime and small scratches. The box is misaligned and the printing is blurred. These guys came really close to delivering a great, little product. But, at $35, it’s just not worth it. I would have been happy if I’d paid $9.99. Premium price for a toy should deliver a premium, desk-presentable toy. As it is, I’m disappointed. If they’d just pay some attention to the details I’d happily recommend purchasing for $35.

  14. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Five Stars
    This thing is awesome, it just keeps going and going. Very pleased.

  15. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    beautiful as long as its on a glass service or …
    beautiful as long as its on a glass service or type of smooth service it spins about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.really neat. i like it.

  16. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    omar chavez
    I bought this spinning top after I decided to get …
    I bought this spinning top after I decided to get something nicer than the 5-10 dollar forever spinning top knock offs. I took this thing to work with me (I work in software development) and let me say, the top totally took over the attention of everyone in my analytics department. For two days we were spinning the top trying to out do each other’s longest spinning time which very quickly evolved into spin times that routinely broke 10 minutes. We were spinning the top on this lense: And we would wipe the lens with some tissue paper with lotion – the one for sensitive noses – which would slightly lubricate he lens. The record so far is 12 min 40 seconds – Need I say more about this top?

  17. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    William F Durgin
    Easy, Dependable Long Spins !
    Update: Perfect mid-size EDC top with a secret. Take-anywhere in a pocket without awkward points and only about 29g..Small knurled stem allows easy, high rpm launches and top settles quickly without flutter. First day I could easily get/repeat 4 min spins, though I am not very coordinated. On a lens or make-up mirror it’s even easier for me to get longer spins. After a couple of months, I’m getting 6 minutes and more on a regular basis.

    And the secret? I’ve gotten a perfect DEAD STOP 5 times in the past week. Two in a row. It just goes so slow . . . . . wait ….. It’s not spinning anymore…… Just stopped, straight up. Dunno for how long. Hours already – I forget, walk off, make coffee, do laundry, play with the dog ….. Still standing straight up ! Now that’s a conversation piece.

    This is my go-to top anytime I go out.

  18. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Thomas G.
    Firm spin.
    Dry, firm grip, perfect for spinning. Small, but powerful. Great top. Looks exactly as it does in the image.

  19. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Issachar L.
    The spinner is either return item or so poorly made that it’s dirty and covered with scratches and dents.

  20. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Kyle & Julia
    My first impressions of the top were amazing, however, the top broke very easily. I would like it replaced as I have obviously received a defective top.

  21. Verified Amazon Review Feed

    Studio Sage
    True to description
    Great quality & beautifully made. Gave this to my nephew and he’s really enjoying it!

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